Janasanyog Assam | Directorate of Information and Public Relations Assam | DIPR Assam

Functioning of DIPR

The Directorate has earmarked specific works to various wings so that it worked like a well-oiled machinery. The clear-cut division of work facilitates smooth functioning of the department.

PRESS LIAISON SECTION : This wing functions 365 days throughout the year with a band of dedicated staff and officers. The PL Section prepares, handles and disseminate official news backed by photographs where necessary to the print and electronic media. Clarification etc. against faulty news and views published in the media are issued by the Section which also has the responsibility of preparing Speeches, Messages etc. for VIPs on all the important occasions. Moreover, coverage of Government functions and VIP programmes are also done by this Section.

PRESS RESEARCH SECTION : What is reported in the Print Media concerning the State and the functioning of the Government is constantly monitored by this section (under PL Section). Clippings of news and views are regularly made and sent to concerned Ministries and officials with entry into a live Register.

ARCHIVE : The Department has to photograph almost all important official functions. These are distributed for publication in mass media and important events are preserved in a modest archive in the Photo section. Digital photography is launched of late. Moreover, Daily newspapers are also preserved in the Section.

ADVERTISEMENT SECTION : The Government always laid adequate stress on this powerful medium. And in this sphere DIPR is the sole agency to release all government advertisements to the media. State Government releases and pays for the advertisements released through the DIPR.

CULTURAL WING : Song, street play, dance etc. are profusely used to propagate messages of community involvement in the administration, development of society and importance of peace and national integration etc. DIPR has a full fledged troupe of artists to this effect and they are based at the Srimanta Sankardeva Kalakshetra, Guwahati.

EXHIBITION WING : Display of important photo, artifacts etc. done in an artistic way always attract people’s interest. DIPR is very alive to this prospect and has a wing exclusively meant for preparation and erection of field level exhibition.

TECHNICAL SECTION: DIPR covers important official functions through Public Address System also. For this purpose adequate and trained staff and officer are there in this section. Moreover this section is also handling a huge network of Fixed Loudspeaker System (FLS) in almost all important towns of the state which acts as a local broadcasters.

INFORMATION CENTRE: DIPR has a modest Information Center with sufficient books and reference materials, at the Sremanta Sankardeva Kakalshetra Guwahati under supervision of a Senior Departmental Officer. The Centre is meant for both discerning and general ones interested to know the various facts of the state.

PUBLICATION SECTION : Important Government policy matters, views, proceedings, interpretation etc. along with topical matters concerning public welfare and important speeches of dignitaries on various occasion are compiled and published by the DIPR through this section. Competent official man the post of Editor, Assistant Editors, Manager etc. of this section. Beside publishing periodicals, pamphlets, booklets etc. this section brings out a regular weekly newspaper titled “RAIJOR BATORI” (News of the People) with a circulation of 30,000 copies. The modern weekly newspaper carries the official news and views of the masses.

REGIONAL OFFICE : DIPR has set-up 5 Regional Offices with Senior Officer at the helm in various part of the State and outside State, so as to streamline Departmental functioning. Inside the state DIPR has Regional offices at Diphu, Jorhat and Kokrajhar. And outside the state at Kolkata and New Delhi. These offices incorporate all the functioning of the directorate and also coordinates activities of the DIPR field offices in their respective jurisdiction.

DISTRICT AND SUB-DIVISIONAL OFFICES : DIPR has a well monitored network of departmental officers and staff spread across the State. These District and Sub-divisional Information and Public Relations Officers are entrusted to function as ear and voice of the Government in the field level. These officers frequently organize various exercises to generate and mould public opinion in support of the policies of the Government through means of audio visual media etc. These field offices also run a Fixed Loudspeaker System (FLS) at important places for broadcasting of official announcement needing immediate public attention. Actually prior to the advent of easy Satellite broadcast these DIPR field officers were very popular with their mobile News and Cinema Shows, cultural programmes etc. These offices also functions as a good library for the public with its stock of valuable books, periodical etc.